Work Sucks!

Something happened at work this week that really bothered me. I work for a very small company and it is pretty much a given that everyone else will know your business long before you do. I had known for some time that one of our E.I’s (engineering intern) was not performing well, and had pretty much bungled a MAJOR report we were preparing for an energy conservation firm. But I also knew that he is a genuinely nice guy, with a young daughter and wife to support. His performance wasn’t great but he was thrown into this report with very little guidance from our senior staff. He had never put together a report like this before and was really up a creek without a paddle before he even started.

So fast forward to this week, when my boss is in Canada compensating for his non-existent pair of you-know-what’s by hunting for a moose. The head of which he plans to mount in the middle of the office lobby, where I sit every day. Yeah, seriously…

The office manager calls me into the office to tell me to be on alert because our boss, Mr. Small Cojones, left it to her to fire this guy while he was on vacation. Now, mind you, our office “manager” operates in a strictly marketing/admin capacity. She does the books. She has no supervisory position over this man she is about to fire and he has never, once, had to answer to her for anything. Now she has been appointed the one to deliver the fatal blow.

I was stunned. My respect level plummeted to about zero. I just nodded my head dumbly as she made excuses for why she had to do it. “Bossman wants this guy gone before the new hire starts on Monday, but he wanted this guy to finish his work on the bungled report before he let him go.” Really, I am thinking, the report that basically sealed his fate? The boss wants him to FINISH it first and then fire him?

So on Friday afternoon she calls the unsuspecting E.I. into her office and shuts the door. He comes out five minutes later half smiling. She comes out looking like she’s about to lose her lunch and excuses herself to go outside, no doubt to ponder the ridiculous-ness of the whole scenario and her role in it. He comes down about 15 minutes later and says goodbye, smiling. I think it almost would have been easier if he has acted pissed. But he was so SWEET! I started to tear up as I told him to take care of himself and good luck. He said things happen and he would be okay. We said our goodbyes and he left.

I am left to wonder about this place where I work, and the people I work with/for. Yes, maybe the man did deserve to be fired for his performance but it just seemed like it was handled so BADLY! Work, work, work him and then let him go as soon as he turns in the report? And the boss couldn’t even do it himself? I don’t know. Maybe I am wrong, or too sensitive, but the whole thing just seemed messed up. I just keep thanking God that I am going to school and this is not my career. But in this economy, quitting based on principle is not really an option. Still, I felt ashamed to have known and not been able to do or say SOMETHING!

But the last I heard, the Boss was leaving Canada today, and he didn’t catch his moose. This was his second trip. First one was a dud as well.

Karma is a bitch, don’t ya know!


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